GUI disc mangment tool in the live-usb for kde barebones

This is only a request because I had run into an issue where I needed a partioning tool yesterday and I had grabbed a thumb drive I had with Garuda KDE bare-bones on it thinking I could just use it to partition a drive I needed to partion only to find out that there was no gparted or anything equivalent. It might be handy to add something like that just in case. In any case, thanks for all the hard work you guys do.

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Again :slight_smile: from download page.

Garuda Linux Barebones is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started.

This will not be changed. :slight_smile:


Well, that's a legitimate request according to me.

Will look into it.




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I don't mean in the final installation, I mean in the live installer. But it was just a suggestion because I would imagine the same person that would want a basic stripped down distro may also be the same person that would want to install their own custom drive configuration and in my case when I tried to repartion the hard drive using the Calamares it kept failing possibly due to the drive being previously encrypted, so I needed to partion it my self before Calamares would not fail.

That would make sense and many distros do just that. On the other hand it only takes a few keystrokes to install gparted onto the live media.


Where is the problem to install what you need programs?


I do agree it would be useful as it is part of the installation procedure for some people. Doesn't really hurt to include it in live :slight_smile:


Normally if there isn't one provided that is the first thing I would do however, however when attempting that I got error after error. Like the first thing I did was sudo pacman -S gparted which threw errors about the package databases not being synchronized, then I tried sudo pacman -Sy then it syncranized but then when you try to install again it throws up errors for pgp keys.

So normally I would agree but in this instance it doesn't seem like the live usb is set up to add your own stuff.

Well, we already ship parted with all iso. So, gparted won't be too much heavy, (<10mb installed size)

I guess it doesn't bloat it.

On flip side of the coin, some user may say that parted is already included and gparted is only GUI equivalent of it.


In any case it would be only for the live boot, so it really doesnt matter as the package would not be present in the actual installation imo :eyes:


I use Barebones frequently and have several thoughts about the topic...

  • Garuda Assistant Welcome shows it, which is somewhat confusing to users of any skill-level. The way the icon reacts, one might think it was an application failure to launch.
  • On the other hand, it's easy-peasy to install partitioning software and go from there. If users think they're advanced enough to use Barebones--and that doesn't take much--but can't solve the problem themselves, then that's another "teachable" moment.

So we should consider either:

  1. Put one in so we're not effectively misleading users. Why not do so?
  2. Leave one out and take it out of the Welcome Assistant template. (Which makes it a Better Barebones, in my opinion. :wink: )

EDIT: Corrected to show Welcome instead of Assistant.