GRUB keymap setting

Installed Garuda i3WM edition some time ago and have been enjoying using it.

Only things that I would like to see are GRUB kaymap to be set automatically if person chooses something else than US keymap. Of course it's not any biggie to tinker that after the installation, but for those who encrypts disk it would be nice to have the same keymap automagically set for GRUB.

Nothing more. All looks very nice and works!

Good job!

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Would you mind describing the procedure?
I am not familiar to encryption. I find this setting critical and I would personally prefer having full control on it, if I ever used it.
If automation includes only a bash script and selecting the right keymap has no serious caveats for mistakes, who knows?... :wink:


Changing GRUB keymap has been discussed in this thread:

And you find this from the Arch wiki

What I meant by automation during the installation process is that GRUB keymap would be set automatically to the one that is selected ... now it seems to default to US layout, even one selects another one during the installation.

Using Calamares installer, so any change on this should be asked from upstream (Calamares).

Or Garuda team could fork it and make it more user friendly for those who encrypt their drives during the installation process and enters passphrase containing something else than a-z, A-Z, 0-9 ...

It is rather downer if one does this and then tries to enter the passphrase when booting first time after the installation and it doesn't work because GRUB defaults to US keylayout and not to the one user has selected during the boot process.

Some might thing Garuda is broken and install something else instead ...

But it's not my decision to make, it's something that Garuda team need to discuss.

It's all about user experience and the first impression you see.

You can't get much more user-friendly than Garuda. :slight_smile:
Your wishes should be directed to Calameres, who will give you this easy installation.

You could write a note about the keyboard layout, but as we see all the time, no one reads them :wink:

If we were selling something or had to sell something, certainly.

The Garuda team does all this for the joy of the FOSS system in their spare time, free of charge thanks to support from and internal team donors.
But this is rarely thanked.
There is nothing harder than life and ingratitude is the world's reward :smiley:

I don't see anyone in the team who would have time for this, are you doing it for the encryption user community?

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In fact, yes you can. But that's not really the point here.


So you direct requests to some place you know people don't care about requests? Or how should this be understood?

Well, I kinda know how FOSS works ... been using somekind of GNU/Linux whatnots since mid 90's and UNIX before that and all flavours of BSD on top of that ... among other FOSS OS' out there.

Just thought to share my couple cents ... you know, share the experience as your OS user. As it has been custom among these FOSS projects. Users give feedback and requests to devs ...

No I'm not doing it.

But if I suggest another option, as part of the Garuda community ...

What if ...

You make Garuda Boot Options part of the installation process and add keymap selection? This way your users can select preferred keymap and not face this problem.

You know, after all other installation tasks are done, before reboot ... this would solve this issue, right?

Just couple more cents ...

We can go round and round in circles for hours.

You've said your piece and I've said mine.
We get a lot of advice on what can be improved and we do what we can.


It doesn't look like it though.

If this was true and not exaggerated, you would know that each tool that is already working fine for a large majority of Linux distros, should be helped improve, not forked for one change only.

All these kind suggestions for the good of your distro are almost always offered from people who are not willing to contribute at all to the Linux community.
Let's be sincere :wink: :man_shrugging:

There is nothing more to discuss so the topic is closed.