Grub doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I think i've done sth wrong with the system. I have chinese X99-TF mobo and had garuda kde. I've gone to uefi shell and tried some commands to get out of it and now i cannot boot to my system, even grub doesn't load at all. Every boot ends up in bios after a restart. Even when i've gone to manual boot from UEFI shell with help of my friend and executed grubx64.efi in shell it has gone the same - restart and going into bios. My setup is X99-TF with i7 5820K and rx 570 4GB if it is important. Idk what to do, maybe downloading and booting live garuda from USB will help and i will be able to fix it from there, or you think it is bios the problem? Sry if i've done sth wrong with the rules there it is my 1st post... Looking forward to your help.

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Did you use garuda-update to update?
If not, as a first troubleshooting step, I think you should restore the latest working snapshot and update again with garuda-update.
After that, shut down and make sure that in the BIOS the boot is set to Garuda and try booting.

I cannot boot anything now, garuda is my only OS, i can only go into live garuda from a USB and try garuda-update

Go to the live USB, click chroot, and then do garuda-update.

If that doesn't work, try running through arch wiki grub install process.