Grub customiser fixified

Hey there,
i've just recently wished to be able to customise grub without accidently messing it up (and well I really have no experience with grub customisation).
After a bit of googling I stumbled upon grub-customiser, but I remembered that you really hated it for being a buggy mess.
So here comes my suggestion: How about creating a non-buggy version of grub-customiser that is bundled with the grub config editor?
I'd love to help!

(Here is my current project so it doesn't look like I don't know what I'm getting myself into)

You are not expecting us to open a zip File ???? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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wow deadly. It's not a zipbomb.
I am not a dick

Whould you open a zip file if i send it to you :smiley:

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If I knew that you wouldn't try to harm me I really would.

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Hi @UltraBlack , I really appreciate your idea and effort.
But why don't you share it via gitlab? Actually there are at least 2 major reasons to do so.

  1. Though I trust you, but not that website. (Wormhole is a nice name though :wink:)
  2. I am not always at my desktop. Though I understand that it will not run on my tablet anyway, but I wanted to see the source. (I saw those comments in src/CMakeList though :joy: )

Some more reasons version control - What are your pros and cons of git after having used it? - Stack Overflow

Though I think thet you already know them.

Anyway, I will give it a shot.


Though I trust you, but not that website

Is Firefox Slowly Dying? Can Mozilla Save It? | Destination Linux 247 - YouTube I found wormhole because of them.

But why don't you share it via gitlab?

Well I don't like the feel of gitlab - at all. (it goes so far that it actually had issues in the past where the tab was always crashing when I was logged in. I ended up deleting the cookie and I haven't touched GL since.) Github is kinda nice, but the fact that microsoft owns it is a con. I don't want to use it anymore to share my code.

I saw those comments in src/CMakeList though

Oh no why didn't I remember to remove them :sweat_smile:

Some more reasons

Yeah. I know that git is a great tool, but it's so complicated and I've only had issues with git in the past where it overwrote my code so many times. Scary.
If it was easier to use/understand would probably use it.

If you want to contribute to open-source projects with other people you are probably going to have to come to terms with using gitlab/github.

Sharing code via zipfiles is mostly a non-starter for collaboration.


Yeah. It's just a temporary solution right now, since I can't decide, on what platform I am going to continue