Greetings guys!

Hello guys! Kind of a newbie to Linux; for 3 or 4 years on my laptop i was running Debian first and then Ubuntu, mostly for university general stuff (and MatLab). I broke Debian (my bad ofc) and then got tired of Ubuntu after a while because I realised it was actually pretty heavy for my system. I went back to Windows 10 for a couple more years and then got fed up again and found Garuda!
I installed Dragonized Garuda around this summer I believe and having a great time since; the performance tweaks make this old laptop still go well.
I would love to install Garuda on my tower pc but I need some stuff from windows (Capture One, FaceIt, Altium Designer, etc) so for now I'm gonna keep win10. If I'll buy another ssd I'll go for a dual boot.

By the way, in a few weeks, I'll try and make a big post about what my experience was with the distro talking about the good and the bad from my prospective.

Hope you all are good and stay safe. Cheers!


Only that way :wink: ^^ please :grin: