Greetings from Slav

Hi. My name is Artem, I'm 21 and I writing this text mainly because I want to practice my English a bit. And of course to say hello to Garuda Linux community members :slight_smile:

This is the first Linux distro where I registered on the forum and even wrote a few words already. I have to use casually a bunch of distros already and no one satisfied me as Garuda Linux did. Really love this distro - modern, everything works out of box and core - is the goddamn Arch (I mean I really love it). I believe this is how every modern Linux distro should look like, where gigachads of the Linux world help us, windows virgins, to use open-source software and OS.

As you can see, I have a Polish flag assigned to my profile, but actually, I just live here. I was born in Ukraine. I hope I will have a chance to travel to other countries someday in the future as well, but the main problem for me right now - it's language. I'm fluent in three languages (and 50/50 in English), but don't really plan to study one more :confused:

I'm into programming and currently work as a Unity game developer. I really like the company I'm working in, we do VR/AR stuff mainly, so it's a great opportunity for me to play (and work of course :sweat_smile:) with the VR technologies and smart people.
The sad part here is that we don't use Linux at all. Even on the server's side :frowning: This is not only about my company, I believe 90% of game development sticks with Windows. I really hope the open-source part of the game development area will continue to grow every day, so we not only will have native games for Linux-based systems but also decent open-source tools for game development.

I wouldn't probably develop much for Garuda community, because I mainly write in C#, and Linux systems stuff probably was done mainly in C/C++, with which I don't familiar too much. I want to learn Vlang and do a few projects in it, but this is only a plan for now.

So, that's all from my side, have a nice day.


Money makes the world go round and M$'s near monopoly, they saved apple from being smashed as a monopolist, is just more lucrative than in the Linux camp. :frowning:



Practice writing English, you say? Could have told me that was your native language and I would have believed you after reading this!

Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay!


welcome, wingnut!
don't get spun like the rest of us ~.^


Great to see you here, comrade. If you're a VR developer, here's a very important post for you.



I currently not really interested in metaverses and don't really understand this concept. Also, I believe this wouldn't become popular any time soon because of a bunch of reasons. There are only my thoughts, I have too little knowledge about VR, business and IT anyway.

We can discuss that topic in a separate thread, if you want.

Thanks for the info and greetings :slight_smile: