Greetings from an old Manjaro user

Hello guys, I'm SlayerProof32 and if you remember, I used to be an avid Manjaro user, however they made some controversial changes with their forum that annoyed me. That allowed me to look for alternatives! There are two that I found that I loved.

  1. EndeavourOS (Strong community, distro built for those who know what they are doing)
  2. Garuda Linux

I was drawn to this distro because I'm a big KDE fan and loved the initial look of the Dr4gon1zed edition. The pre-installed distro tools also look cool (Assistant, boot config, gamer, hardware manager). I also love the prioritization of BTRFS. I've been using it for 3 years now, no problems yet.

AND FINALLY someone gets HOW ANNOYING it is when YOU HAVE 50+ tabs open and your Linux system starts to freeze up. I'd much prefer a OOM killer kill old tabs, rather than having a locked up system I have to force reboot! I use early OOM now, but I heard nohang does a similar thing!

This distro really feels like something I can actually recommend to people who are Linux beginners. Hopefully the experience proves it! Will report back after I boot a live image!



I can not remember names well, only avatars, so change your avatar here with the one from the old forum, but only if it is not green :wink: .

But maybe you remember many here who are now in Garuda team.


Welcome! I think you'll feel right at home and will enjoy the Manjaro tools plus other goodies on a rolling Arch based.

Nohang was used in earlier on, but if I recall correctly systemd-oomd is preferred now by the developers. Luckily I haven't had to put either to the test yet :blush:


Hello, and welcome.


It was reverted quickly due to systemd-oomd performed very poorly compared to nohang


Maybe read up more on what this forum expects of people asking for help first. If you are providing support to those people, or they are willing to learn themselves to maintain their system, only then would I recommend this distro to newcomers.

Just being frank.

And welcome from another manjaro forum member.

I'm still running manjaro but I don't really post much in the forum anymore.


Let me say "hi!" as well :slight_smile:


Hello SlayerProof32 , welcome to the forum!


I do remember you, and welcome to the Garuda forum. It's always nice to see familiar users pop up here.

I must also echo the cautionary statement towards newbs using an Arch based distro. While Garuda has many helpful tools to make learning Arch less painful, the learning curve is steep. IMO an Arch based distro is not suited to those unwilling to expend the effort to learn how Arch works.

Again, welcome to the forum.