Great Distro and superb FAQ, support, etc

Hello from the mountains of southwest Virginia!

I just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the hard work that goes into ensuring users like myself have the best experience possible. This is literally the first time I've ever posted anything in a Linux forum. I've usually found a solution to my Linux problems through extensive and persistent searching. I love the arch and Garuda philosophy of learning the reasons we type certain commands, not limited by what the OS does without our knowledge or permissions. I've been using linux for several years now, without much Linux enjoyment until now. The installation process was a bit of a chore, but I'm running 3 graphics systems and 6 screens. The Radeon card I believe has had the most trouble but I believe I've almost got it all fixed. Fixing my pacman right now, with the help of an incredibly helpful and detailed FAQ topic about corrupted keys. Man the os is gorgeous guys, you really did a great job. Thanks again from people like myself that would never have the audacity to consider themselves programers but possess the humility and appreciation for the work that it takes to have such a good experience.

YOU GUYS ROCK! #hailgaruda


Welcome to the Garuda Linux forums!


Ok. This is awful, but after following each step in the FAQ about corrupted or invalid pgp signature, I'm still being told it's corrupted. I've deleted it, had pacman redownload, hell it's even got a new person listed as the invalid signature now, after following the FAQ on this issue. This one pesky package "libretro-stella2014-git-264" is stopping my upgrade after a fresh install. I've looked through these pages so much my brain is starting to hurt. Lol. I'll keep reading and trying to figure it out, but if anybody happens to see something I might be missing, I'll be thrilled to try your advice. I'm willing to type almost anything into this terminal right now, except -Scc because my slow isolated DSL internet will take forever. Plus I've already done that suggestion once. Thanks again

Hi and welcome!
Please don't "ruin" such a nice introduction with you first problem :wink:
Go for a dedicated post under issue and assistance, including precise (textual!) information on still pending invalid signatures, or this libretro-stella2014-git-264 stopping the upgrade.


Lol. You're right. Ironically, I briefly considered the destruction of that introduction, but I'm at my wits end! Wits end I tell you. It seems I've got more reading to do in concerning proper textual information, context, and whathaveyou


Wits end -> post your problem
No worries :slight_smile:

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Hi there!


Welcome to Garuda!

It's always nice to read about new users happy and surprised about this fantastic distro.

I share the same thoughts about Garuda and remember that Devs and community are human people that put their effort (for free) to carry on working on the development and helping people (with pleasure).

Positive feedbacks are important and rise our vibes!

Thank you so and never give up!