Grazie di tutto

You folks never cease to amaze… Garuda is by far my most coveted thing. I guess I’m supposed to infect others with it and spread it around but, it’s mine!

I really, really love blowing people away when they stray close to this laptop. I really do tell them if they find out what operating system I’m using they cannot leave the building — ever — and they join a growing number incarcerated in the crawlspace. Feeding them all is becoming something of a problem…

Es magnifico!


BTW, that’s the only green avatar I like :smiley:


Yay, Garuda! A place where even serial kidnappers can find a home!

A common kidnapper complaint, I suppose, remembering the “serial” but forgetting the cereal.



Hey! I let them all out into the compound for regular exercise at least once a day, time permitting. And yesterday they got Kraft Dinner with ground chicken! (Beaks and claws mostly but I’m told it’s very nutritious)


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