Graphic Glitches When Changing Themes

Hi, so I've switched the global theme from the default Sweetified Plasma to Breeze, and although the overall theme has been applied, I have graphical errors in both the System Settings and Launcher.

In System Settings, where a title should be is replaced by a black space.

On the Launcher, the top bar where the username is located is also filled with a black space.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Please change gtk theme too, from application style

Or try something similar.


I've installed a Breeze / Dark GTK theme, applied it, which fixes Pamac but not the above two issues.

All other applications follow the theme.

Possibly there are some configs overwriting Breeze, just tried to replicate (happens only when applying global theme, not if setting Breeze manually). What is interesting though is that Sweet menu buttons stayed for some apps even though Breeze was set :joy:
Im not interested in debugging this edition is meant to be used with Breeze, if you want to have stock look Id suggest either

  • resetting dotfiles to stock (delete all kind of KDE *rc files in ~/.config) or
  • removing garuda-dr460nized-settings and creating a new user account. This way you will have vanilla KDE look & settings

Removing garuda-dr460nized-settings and creating a new user account did the trick.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi, i want also a vanilla KDE look & settings, where i can choose the brezze dark theme and the settings for GTK Look, but i doesn't find a package "garuda-dr460nized-settings"!

Can someone help me please!

Greetings light


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Thanks, i have uninstall garuda-dr460nized and have now kde vanilla!

THX light