GPU Switching with prime-run vs. optimus-manager/optimus-manager-qt

Yes. Read Switching between integrated and dedicated graphics | Garuda Linux wiki for more info.

No, you should not do anything else.


Actually in the event of an NVIDIA driver failure, linux-LTS will always be able to load nvidia-nouveau. Regardless, disabling Optimus altogether, especiially if you keep your laptop plugged in and use any 3D applications at all -- I don't see why you'd use Optimus. It is often less of a headache than running prime offload and modifying your steam shortcuts/checking which card is on/off, etc. And btw, many applications utilize 3D frameworks and technologies, aka anything using CUDA, or OpenCL (so any video).

And let's say you really can't boot into your NVIDIA kernel module... Simply turn the intel back on...

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I always forget what

'set -e' does, heh, but good to know!!

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Oh I should mention that you will run into issues and confused programs when using Optimus, whether that's the correct or incorrect way.

What? Like half of that is nonsense.

I don't even.. What?

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