Google-chrome ask login every time I switched wm

Hello everyone.
So I wanted to see and try hyprland in my system. The way I wanted to that was, install it along side kde-plasma so that I can switch between them whenever I want to. That went well except for some minor issues. The problem am facing is, which is quite annoying, when ever I switch from kde to hyprland or vice-versa, I'm being asked to log in to all google-accounts and websites that I logged in. And there is little information on the internet regarding this issue. Is there a way to fix this

You could check with KDE Walletmanager if google-chrome stores stuff in the KDE Wallet (probably do that in KDE).

If so, then probably the wallet is not open, if you are running a different WM. Maybe there is a way to change that.

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Install gnome-keyring. Works for me every time.

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It's already installed. But for some reason it's not working

I'm at a loss for words. Maybe quit switching WMs? :wink:

(And why do you do so?)

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If kwallet is suppling keyring in KDE, gnome-keyring can not work. There can be only one.

Did you check kwalletmanager?

Do this, then:


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