Good bye for now

While I enjoyed my time with Garuda I'm going back to my old distro Supergamer.
It is what I still feel better at home with.
Besides my own issues with my installs (caused by me) I really enjoyed my stay with you and felt ,
the same almost as I did with the Amiga community . This is not something that happened in my first steps into linux this was far and few back then.(Mandrake 7, and before) .
I thank you all for your help and wish your distro well as well as you all.


God luck with your new (old distro). We'll keep your seat warm for you.

I must admit from the issues you've been experiencing lately perhaps it is for the best. Good luck, and keep your stick on the ice.


if you knew me you know i couldn't do that don't know how to skate was not a big sports guy either.
I would be better off in the stands no where near the puck my friend.


Well then at least keep hydrated in the heat my friend. :beers:


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