Going absolutely insane over these nvidia drivers

So, I found the option to install propietary drivers in hardware configuration.

It still doesnt work. This has cost me 4-5 hours so far and I am about to have to reinstall the entire system again. I love how pretty everything is and the wobbly window effects and such, and the setup manager after install, the package manager etc, it all makes it super easy, I dont want to go back to ubuntu and lose the pretty colors, but I swear to god, after reinstall I will have spent 6-7 hours just getting my gt540 m to be used for games. I dont have much free time...

One last chance. How can I get the hybrid intel hd 3000 and nvidia package crazy enough to actually load in the nvidia driver, running nvidia-settings with optimus makes no difference, it still says the nvidia drivers arent loaded.

Which magic button or command do I need to get my gpu to work?????????

Everything else is easy and fast and I love it, but in ubuntu, I put a checkmark in a box and press apply and reboot and my GPU WILL work. here.. I just cant get it too, and I hate it, I realy wanna keep using this distro.

Any ideas? How to get it to work? I already tried running the drivers from nvidia site with both dkms and without dkms, setup fails everytime...

Does the dragonized GAMING version (this is normal I am trying) enable them out of the box?

How to get them to work?

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