Going 100% Garuda


I'm gonna flush this laptop from all other distros now, I think I've found my home finally, and a warm home it is.

cya in a bit... or hours, who knows with this weird laptop!


Aaaand I'm back, fairly painless, used the delete everything, had 7 other distros, was the fastest solution.

Everything was going painless :grin:

Setting up mount positions. settings for everything, got some files with settings in them

Haaa, soooo gooood.
Never gonna look back!


No, seriously.

I don't feel like I'm walking on eggshells.
It's just cozy in here.

Been reading a fair bit of posts, and haven't seen any negative reply's, like:
"Why don't you just uninstall" or "It's because you are an idiot (said seriously)"

It's just all great people here.
Thank you for welcoming me, I'm really happy. :relaxed:

Best of love to everyone and the whole team of Garuda from :denmark:


These kinds of answers are used either when one is arrogant/pissed or when he/she is out of logical answers.
In either case, he/she should let it go and prevent writing any reply.

Anyways, I am glad that you liked the community and the distro. It's nice to see more people hanging out here.


I got sick and tired of stable-releases of Linux Mint (which always comes with a discontinuation date). Garuda Linux is my ticket to not worry about upgrading to a newer version again, as it updates perpetually.


Hello all! I just wanted to share my fantastic experience here. I have been playing with Garuda for about 6 months. It is a beautiful, fast, secure and functional GNU/Linux distribution. I am relatively new to Linux having tried out Linux Mint years ago. I had been using Windows 10 up until I switched to Garuda. I have learnt a lot through these forums and the Arch Wiki in understanding how GNU/Linux works.

However recently I had suffered breakages in all distros I tried. The biggest issue I found was NOT Garuda, GNU/Linux or Arch. Proprietary Nvidia drivers I think are accountable for 99% of all major breakages in all Linux distros. I have experienced breakages in MX Linux, Ubuntu LTS, Arco Linux and Endeavour OS and the common theme is proprietary Nvidia drivers.

I sold my proprietary Nvidia RTX card and purchased an AMD RX 6600. Garuda is a flawless OS on Mesa Open Source drivers. Everything works great and I don't have to worry about dkms modules breaking every time a linux zen kernel update hits pacman. Also don't need to worry about black screens on boot with SDDM and with Mesa there is actually decent Wayland support. I know KDE is still not 100% with Wayland but it is getting there.

I want to pay tribute and thanks to @librewish , @dr460nf1r3 @Naman @SGS and the whole Garuda team for the wonderful work they have done on this distribution. It has helped many who were on Windows to switch permanently to Arch. धन्यवाद, Danke Schon Thank You :slight_smile: :smiley_cat:


Welcome to the 100% Garuda club @ORlyMon. I've have been running it on my laptop for several months. But just joined the forum last night lol


Thanks, and welcome to you too to this awesome community :smiley:


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