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I'm using Gnome 42.4 Garuda Linux . I noticed that the on screen keyboard does not open even though it's toggled on in the accessibility settings . I also use Manjaro on another laptop running the same version of gnome and the on screen keyboard works perfectly.

Can someone help?

I don't use Gnome (and never will), so I'm pretty unfamiliar with its feature set. I believe the OSK used in Gnome is onboard. Have you tried starting the OSK by typing onboard in the terminal.

Please post the input and output of that command if there are any errors returned when attempting to start onboard.

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unfortunately Gnome doesn't use onboard so i don't have it installed

Not a fix if that's the case, but you could always install onboard and give it a try. Onboard is by far the best OSK IMO.

Please post the output of garuda-inxi.

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i tried it before . it doesn't integrate so well with gnome workflow
i'll post the output later today

The Garuda spin of Gnome is pretty much vanilla, while Manjaro ships a Gnome spin that is a little further from stock (they have made some custom tweaks). Having the keyboard open automatically may be an in-house improvement, I have no idea. I just tested my Gnome installation and it is like yours--the on-screen keyboard only automatically deploys on certain things like the login screen and the run box (Alt+F2).

If your device has a touchscreen, I believe the default mechanism for exposing the on-screen keyboard is to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.


i also used fedora which is pretty much vanilla gnome and the on screen keyboard works perfectly too . well i love garuda it's just that issue that i can't fix

Hmm, not so sure about that unless you run the beta/edge version.

I agree this feature is not working normally. I can't get it to behave in a consistent manner at all. It would be good to submit a bug report, other than that installing another keyboard like Onboard as TBG mentioned is probably going to be your best bet.

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Thanks for your help

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i found the fix for the on screen keyboard issue on gnome 42 .
it's due to a missing package : ibus .
It would be great if garuda gnome maintainers include the package ibus in the next update or release .

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