GNOME extensions removed due to being broken by release 40 (yet again)

Hey GNOME users!
There is sadly no way we can postpone this much longer, GNOME extensions are broken yet again by the new release so they had to be removed. For the people who dont know whats going on, its not the first time that this happened.. last year it was quite the same:

The new release, GNOME 40 was said to enhance extension support but hey, almost everything broken again :sweat_smile: But why do they break you might ask yourself? I think this discussion explains it better than I could:

Symptoms look like this:

Until now I thought we could keep supporting a full featured GNOME spin but after the situation being EXACTLY the same as last time I have to admit that its simply not possible. Not with that user count we have these days. There might be some people (including me) who can bear with the situation and use GNOME without extensions until they are updated but I feel that most people are going to be annoyed and start trashtalking because their experience was not flawless. And I can understand that! :confused:

So what does it mean for Garuda GNOME?

  • After updating garuda-gnome-settings to 1.1.1, all extensions are removed, presenting a rather default GNOME look.
  • Extensions are not coming back this time to prevent frustrating situations like these
  • Garuda GNOME will still be an option for those who love GNOME but it wont be heavily customized like before. Users can then customize their installation on their own - hopefully keeping in mind that situation for major GNOME updates.
  • An iso refresh is happening today to have the updated settings package + no more signature errors on updating

I think thats it for now. Im feel sorry for those who are affected by this but there is sadly nothing we can do to change that.


Does this mean that you have Garuda out there with Gnome 40, or it would require manual installation? I am ok with stock gnome for the time being, i just love stuff Garuda does under the hood :smiley:

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Well, if you have GNOME installed it just requires a system update as Arch is a rolling release distro.
If you want to have the extensions back, you will have to wait until they are fixed and install them yourself.
(Its not hard, just use the Firefox GNOME extension and search for them, but Garuda wont make this default again as it will definitly cause issues again) :thinking:


oh, ok, i thought since it was new release, it would require some sort of dark magic (two years in and still suffering from windows mentality). I need to setup up my laptop from scratch, so currently i don't have any distros. Thanks for the answer though, and i apologize for stupid question, i only recently woke up :smiley:

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Then its best to wait a few hours until the updated iso is up, this fixes also the keyring issues upon updating (could also do that manually easily but the iso has this ootb)


Extensions are the reason I don't use gnome more than anything. I can't stand the extension process and the way they are added and that they regularly break. And it's really disappointing every time you update, you basically need to start over.

I am very impressed with the new gnome layout and gestures though.


I love GNOME, I truly do, but it's been the bane of rolling releases for a long time. I came to the conclusion some time back that GNOME is best used in fixed releases, where things like extensions can be more easily made to work, at least for the period of that specific release.

Still, GNOME represents its intended look, feel, and use as-is. It's a working man's desktop intended to be used without extensions.


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Yeah, I switched to KDE due to this issue, GNOME was nice while it lasted (for me it was a single day). since I am new to Linux I was utterly lost when all those extensions just left after a restart of my computer, I was disappointed.

It's much easier to leave GNOME as it is from now on with just little touches from garuda, just to cut out that huge amount of disappointment.

Also maybe a warning for users new to Linux that the Extensions would break after a new release. :smiley:


I guess we should keep only Gnome Barebones then, and no separate edition with garuda looks

What if we just keep the extensions the are frequantly updated?

That shouldve been done before but is not needed anymore when we ship without extensions I think :thinking:

For what reason? If no extensions are left there are no issues with GNOME updates anymore - still the users would have a curated set of applications which arent present in barebones installation. :eyes:

Thought about it today but even if an extension got updated "in time" with this release (ArcMenu & Unite are updated already for example) its not clear whether the maintainer will do the same when the next major release happens. So,


oops, I forgot about default apps :sweat_smile:


Ah okay that makes sense

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It's all good here in rookie valley. Things break then I go about finding the problem and attempting to fix and I learn a little more. Stuff more data into the bucket I like to say. I've said it before, Garuda is better than most games. Really.


What about pop shell?

Samples of Garuda Gnome 40 by @dr460nf1r3


What about pop shell? Is it an extension? Then it will break just like everything else upon an update. Although I'd imagine the Pop maintainers are FAST at updating their most important extensions.


Yes It wored since the betas.

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Pop tiling is one of the reasons people very very much use Pop, I'm not surprised it never really stopped working.