Gnome-control-center shows Gtk-WARNING

I just installed Garuda Linux (Gnome). When I click on the setting it just wont respond and when I tried using gnome-control-center it shows Gtk-WARNING:

(gnome-control-center:45903): Gtk-WARNING **: 13:53:07.619: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:6342:10: 'height' is not a valid property name

(gnome-control-center:45903): Clutter-CRITICAL **: 13:53:08.181: Unable to initialize Clutter: Unable to initialize the Clutter backend: no available drivers found.

(gnome-control-center:45903): Gtk-WARNING **: 13:53:08.223: Theme file for Sweet-cursors has no directories
fish: Job 1, 'gnome-control-center' terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)

And this is what it showed when I ran Firefox using 'snap'

Gtk-Message: 13:54:37.536: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

I need to know how do I install the missing module and fix all this.
Thanks in advance

Hi @biryani!
You can just ignore these warnings as they don't create any problems.

Why using Firefox using Snap? Firefox is in the official repositories and you can install it by just sudo pacman -S firefox. Snap has disadvantages, especially that it starts apps very slower. Garuda doesn't have Snap support by default, and AFAIK doesn't recommend it either.

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install gtk and gtk3 module should solve it.

(source: 12.04 - Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" - Ask Ubuntu)

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