Git credentials > KWallet

I am using Codeberg and Github, and I use the git command line tool for it.

Now, I know that I can save the credentials in plaintext, while this is obviously not safe.

The alternative is to use a keychain, and I imagined KWallet might be useful.

Do you think a Garuda specific integration could prompt me with KWallet or anyother GUI service, when I type in my git credentials the first time?

It might even let me manage the git username and email as well. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use KDE Wallet to store Git credentials.


I was speaking about a more integrated solution by Garuda

I don't see this as common enough to justify us coding a self-made application for this. After all, we already have applications available serving this purpose (like KDE Wallet or KeepassXC) :eyes: Just gotta make use of the available tutorials :smiley:


I was speaking about a connection between the git client and KWallet

That the second simply gets triggered, when the first asks for it. Or anything like that :slight_smile: