Getting Snap and Flatpak working

I tried installing snapd and flatpak , but i got tons of issues even with the fact i followed the procedures of their installation process.....i installed snapd like 8 times now and flatpak twice and at the end of the day, i end up uninstalling them ......any remedy for these please

If you had read the wiki, you would have seen -

A small time researching, saves time long-term.


Thanks a lot .....i'm giving this a try now

It's like i don't really understand the first step....modifying .bashrc to drop into fish...How will i do that?
This might be a dumb question to some users....but please break it down for me

This is basic stuff. Using the terminal, entering commands and modifying files is quite normal in Linux.

You need to do some research, as was advised. Here is a good link provided by @BrutalBirdie -

It is your system, therefore your responsiblity, we can not hold hands. Our time is given free, but there are limits to this, I'm afraid


Thank you so much for your time, i really appreciate, i'll get to it now


Just a picture of the Linux Filesystem, set this as your Desktop wallpaper so you can take a look at it every time you see your desktop. :slight_smile:

Knowing where you are and where to find something can be useful.


Here's an invaluable link for the future -

Read in full and it will help you, enormously.


Too much green :wink: , @freebird54 can surly build a conkyrc for that :wink: :slight_smile:
Or do you have this as SVG file? :slight_smile:

Missing /etc/skel .


This really help a lot for newbie like me and I love to learn :smiley:


Snapd is slightly tricky but does work.

First, make sure that your /etc/os-release file includes the line "ID_LIKE=arch".
Now, use Add/Remove software to build snapd.
Finally, from a terminal, type the following:

 $ sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

Now reboot and it should all work.

Odd, but I've never had issues just installing flatpak from Add/Remove Software.

thanks a lot birdie....i really appreciate

Alright , my bad....thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you use fish or bash

Still using the default of fish.

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