Get my keyboard to type the things (live usb)

hello gentlemen and garudianettes, I have a problem for you to solve if you're inclined, and it comes with zero terminal output because I can't give you any.
I was using the BSPWM x64 image and booted it from USB. And here is the problem:
the keys on the keyboard don't correspond to what I see on the screen being input.

The relevant hardware: it was a BTO N240WU with a completely vanilla QWERTY keyboard, just add a "Fn" key and no numpad - really nothing special here. It's a few years old already and works fine with other distros . Never had any problems but hadn't tried anything not debian-based either.

a confession: I don't have the time or skills to troubleshoot this myself - going with SparkyLinux for now then. But I am excited to try this distro. I want it to work. I'll try it out on a desktop PC some other time because that should definitely not give keyboard issues.

Hope you can do anything with this bug report. I want your distro and will come back in the future for this laptop to run Garuda. God bless,


PS I failed to mention, that I got to the graphical login screen and couldn't type in the default password (, garuda, ) ; but I managed to switch vt to a terminal (ctrl+alt+F3) and noticed that this was the problem there.

This issue looks like the threads called "using the keyboard makes the installer crash," but I couldn't deduce anything from those. good luck!

garuda-bspwm-linux-zen-210928.iso is the image I used and it checks out with the sha256sum. Not that I needed to check that, 'cause I downloaded with bittorrent lolololl. Alright bye I'll check back.

Hi there, welcome to the community.
Can you try

  1. Using your desktop keyboard and post output of
    inxi -Faz

  2. Booting into Barebones kde edition.