Garuda's Inactive Blur Wallpaper Plugin Question

My desktop, and sometimes Latte, crash and restart. I have a hunch it might be because of Garuda's KDE 'Inactive Blur' Wallpaper plugin. I want to remove it to test, but can't find it in the repos to do so.

Is it baked in with the Dragonized packages, and/or how can I remove it?

Edit to add: I have already tried switching to 'image' but not sure if the inactive blue is still causing issues.

The only thing I can say from the depths of my ignorance :scream: is that I see that it comes with the garuda-dr460nized settings and these are the files:


You are the best sleuth ever! :joy: Yeah, that is it. I will have to remove it manually.

Thanks so much.


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