Garuda XmonadWM

installing and configuring XMONAD WM in garuda.. does anyone using xmonad in garuda??? if ithe installation works then it would be great....


Any reason why do you think it won't?

And if you want to request for Xmonad version, I would say NO.

I also know that you are already running Xmonad, refer to

Do you want to justify the question?


in one word, garuda fully supports xmonad and won't blame me for using unsupported software?

The "unsupported software" category is not meant to be some accusatory stance, it is just intended to separate issues that are specific to Garuda from software that the user chooses to install or use that have nothing to do with Garuda.

Frankly, you aren't necessarily entitled to any kind of support regardless of what software you are using, as this is an open-sourced community project. It's not like you can expect your money back if Garuda doesn't hit some kind of SLA :wink:. If someone is able to help you with your issue, chances are they will.

Please be mindful of the dates on threads you revive, as the relevance of a given topic can change substantially over time. If you need help, it's best to open a new thread.