Garuda won't start after partitions resizing

Hello garuda users.
I am a basic garuda user since a short time, now I have the problem that my garuda soaring distro won’t boot anymore, this is because I had to resize the partitions by dedicating more space to the root partition after receiving the “running out of space” notification. I performed the following operations with gparted: the 456 gb ssd was divided into 300 mb efi partition, 90 gb root partition and 150 gb home partition, the remaining unused space; I moved the home to the end of the disk dedicating 330 gb to it and the remaining free space to the root which became 141 gb. At the end of the operations I performed the reboot but garuda did not boot again.
I tried “boot repair” live iso, then I tried “garuda boot repair” from the last downloaded iso but nothing gave positive results.
I probably shouldn’t have done all these operations, or at least informed myself first, I thought it might work.
I read the topic “Broken root partition (after resizing and failure to update garuda)” where the problem was the UUID changed after resizing. The problem is that it doesn’t start for me at all, I can only take action from live.
Can anyone give me some help?

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

This is exactly what you have to do.
Boot from the live USB and try “chrooting” into your system with the relevant button in the Garuda Assistant.
Then you will have to update /etc/fstab matching the UUIDs you can find with lsblk -f.
Finally, update-grub.


thank you for replay. I will try and will post results

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