Garuda Welcome in Barebones is almost useless

Due to the fact that Pamac is not installed by default, almost every item in Garuda Welcome gives an error. Well, you can install it and everything will work, but after all the answers to the questions, the Setup-Assist will simply close without installing or applying anything. It also contains a typo.


Thanks for the tip with the typo.
That's why it was only created for experienced users :slight_smile: .
Then we can also remove all the other wizards if they are still included by mistake.

Typo, done.


You are right.
You have to know that Barebones ISOs are not for showcase, like the other ISO editions. They include minimal set of apps and utils, which they will be installed as they are in the ISO (like copy/paste) to the new installed system.
If you want more utils and apps and test the edition profile, use a normal ISO, not Barebones.


I only wanted to use Barebones because I hate the changes to the KDE/Gnome look in the standard ISOs, but I like the default changes made in Garuda.


I totally agree with you. In Barebones KDE also, Garuda welcome is pretty much useless. But I never use welcome anyways so I don't have a problem. Glad the typo got fixed though. :laughing:


Sorry for necroposting. I was looking to use setup-assistant on barebones with pamac installed. However it still will just exit without any changes. Any idea what I need to do?

$ sudo pamac --version
Pamac  10.1.2-1
  1. No help for barebones
  2. Search forum for Manjaro's pamac error.