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I want to switch to Wayfire on my main PCs also; however, they run on nvidia gpus at the moment. Wayfire has explicit Nvidia support, but it doesn't run on Nvidia hardware. Can we get support on Garuda Wayfire also? I am not sure what is missing, but willing to put in the work if you tell me what you need. At least do testing :wink:

Edit: Moved my 1st feedback to another thread.

Opinion: Most of you care more about debating than solving issues. You argue without facts, but opinion; wasting my time.

What do you mean by this? Wayfire is all Wayland, like Sway, which means Nvidia support is rather limited and some cards won't even boot.

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The issue is not Wayland, but wlroots. wlroots has no nvidia driver support, but we could compile Wayfire with wlroots-eglstrems instead! This should work, in theory.

I know that it runs fine with the open source drivers by the way.

We should probably build wlroots-eglstrems separately, and have it trigger the build of wayfire-eglstreams. Both can be on chaotic-aur; sadly the aur of wlroots-eglstrems is discontinued, so this would also need to be maintained.

PS: nvidia prop runs just fine on kde and gnome, they are both Wayland; however, these don't use wlroots.

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Both of these sound like requests for the Wayfire developers rather than something for Garuda to implement.


Not really, Wayfire has no direct ties to Arch -> AUR, why would the devs be responsible for hosting their stuff on the AUR? The idea was to just have a build job for wlroots-eglstrems, and upload the result to chaotic-aur. We can forget about this anyway, because...

I was wrong: wlroots has native nvidia proprietary driver support. The question becomes, why doesn't the USB boot when nvidia driver selected? I am considering trying to install with open source drivers, and installing the proprietary drivers after install, seems like the easiest way around the bug.

Hope my first feedback don't get overshadowed by the 2nd one. Think it is important.

Edit: The other feedback was removed.

Where are you getting this information? I can't find anything that backs this up.

Well they can run Wayland, but a cursory search through basically any forum will reveal people still struggle to get Wayland spins working on many if not most Nvidia cards.


Wayland is new and has many issues of its own, haven't encountered any nvidia-specific issues on my 10th gen nvidia hardware; kde and gnome.

If you search for issues, you will find issues. There are no big issues with wayland + nvidia, you are wrong. Can't just say you did a search, and call it an argument, at least provide a major bug report.

NVIDIA's List Of Known Wayland Issues From SLI To VDPAU, VR & More - Phoronix This is from May mind you, but it still has been VERY recently when Nvidia even cared to support things like GBM. I haven't heard much news of headway since this dropped, so I would assume there are plenty of issues that still remain on this list alone. Usually things like this take time, and Nvidia still isn't making things easy even though they did a bit of open source... a lot is still locked away.

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I just want wayfire to work, which is possible for both nvidia and amd.

Please be more pragmatic, this is not a discussion about FOSS vs prop. None of the issues outlined in the article effect desktop rendering.

You clearly didn't read it then.
Look, it ISN'T like I don't want it to work. There are lot of things that don't work well still, and things take time, and it WILL take more time if Nvidia doesn't open more things up. Hard to fix things for open source if they don't want help fixing it. At that point, its all up to the company, and that is a fact, like it or not.


What issue on the article effect DE render? The features that don't work are irritating, but that is not relevant to the thread.

Opinion: We are circling the drain, and wasting time. I have tested my own 1080ti on kde and gnome, and my DE is rendering just fine. It should run fine on wlroots also; just haven't tested yet.

Source: The wlroots author is stating that it should run fine.

That sounds like a Wayfire issue, not something that Garuda can fix.

If you want to find out what the problem is then you have to find out what the problem is. Do you have Nvidia hardware to test with? Which bit doesn't work, when? What output is present in log files?

It's no good saying

when you're the one who is wanting something to be fixed. Either step up and do the work, or pay someone else to do it for you. Noone here is paid to make your computer work the way you want it to.


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