Garuda vs OpenSUSE

Hi, I have a question about how Garuda handles BTRFS; I have been bouncing between Arch and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed for a while and just wondered what the difference is between how each distro handles BTRFS and in particular, snapshots. Is there a difference? Is one more reliable than the other? Are there any advantages to using Garuda over OpenSUSE Tumbleweed?

IIRC SUSE uses Snapper (which is available in the repos, if you like that more than Timeshift).

No, but then neither represents a backup solution.

It’s based on Arch.


I've used Tumbleweed for about a month. This was about a year ago. Performance was similar to Manjaro but better than Fedora 30 and worse than KDE Neon which was not as good as MX which was similar to vanilla Debian which was better than EndeavourOS. But Garuda performance is better than even MX/Debian. This is for my system of course. Performance can vary from system to system and each distro's performance can be tweaked obviously.

Also, for me, I can get easy access to all the software I need in MX/Debian and Arch/Garuda. So those 4 are my favourite distros.

Also keep in mind, for Rolling distros like Tumbleweed and Arch variants, performance varies greatly as the distro is constantly changing which is both good and bad. In MX/Debian, nothing changes. Rock solid and a tad boring.


I’m so glad my hopping days are over. Thanks for the field report! :smiley:


:grin: Yeah my hopping days are over as well unless something calamitous happens to my current 2 distros Garuda and MX.

Although....Hmm, wouldn't mind checking out Bullseye when it comes into Stable. Already tried it in Testing. But I hate Debian Testing but love Stable and oddly enough, Sid. :grinning:

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I really appreciate your opinion on this; I used Manjaro for a long time, tried out Salient OS which I really loved and then bounced around loads of various distros including EndeavourOS and I settled on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed as it feels more stable than Arch/Endeavour and much more so than Manjaro.
I have recently had some issues with OpenSUSE, especially around repos so I am interested to try out Garuda so I like the security of having snapshots incase an update breaks something.
I'll give it a try - thank you @jonathon


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep using Garuda.

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