Garuda uses Linux Libre kernel or does it contain blobs?

Wanted to know if Garuda linux kernel contains binary blobs.

it uses the linux-zen kernel which contain binary blobs so yes.

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And you can't find any good kernel without "binary blob" because it will not support many hardwares, like, wifi modules, graphic modules, even some motherboards and some other stuff. If you want completely open source kernel, try Linux-Libre and see if it goes well with your hardware.

But on distro part, we can't use this, because we have to maintain widder hardware compatibility.
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There is an option called "Install with open source drivers" and "Install with proprietary drivers" when installing the distro. Even if I choose open source, the kernel will contain blob?

Is it possible to change to libre kernel in Gaurda itself?

Yep, it will contain. But don't worry about it. They contain mostly firmwares and drivers, and widely tested.

Yeah, you can install Linux-libre and Linux-libre-headers from AUR and boot into it.
But beware, you may not be able to use wifi/Bluetooth if you boot into Linux-Libre. Though you can boot into Linux-zen too after installing Linux-Libre.

(For booting into specific kernel, go to "Advanced options for Garuda Linux" at Grub screen)


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