Garuda Users Poll

I was simply curious about what the typical Garuda user was, so I thought I'd conduct a poll.

Answer as many, or as few questions as you would like.

Which OS were you primarily using before Garuda?

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Another Linux Distro
  • BSD/Other

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What is your primary usage of Garuda?

  • Gaming
  • Pentesting
  • Work
  • Productivity & Web browsing
  • Music or Graphics production
  • Server

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What was your primary/favorite distro before Garuda?

  • First time Linux user
  • Arch
  • Manjaro
  • EndeavourOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Mint
  • Fedora
  • Suse
  • Gentoo
  • Too many favs to pick one

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How long have you used Linux?

  • Just testing the waters
  • 1 - 2 years
  • 3 - 5 years
  • 5 -10 years
  • 10 -15 years
  • Since the dawn of time

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What is your age group?

  • Under 20 years
  • 20's
  • 30's
  • 40's
  • 50's
  • 60+

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How did you find out about Garuda?

  • Word of mouth
  • YouTube
  • Distrowatch
  • Online technical review
  • Linux/Computer magazine
  • Web search result

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What attracted you to Garuda?

  • Performance oriented distro
  • Btrfs + easy snapshot restore features
  • Easy Arch-based GUI installation
  • Attractive and modern GUI
  • Large selection of Desktops & WM's
  • OS respects users privacy

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What type of computer do you have Garuda installed on?

  • Desktop
  • Laptop/Tablet
  • Both

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How many computers do you have Garuda installed on?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+

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How would you rate your main laptop or desktop?

  • low end
  • mid range
  • high end

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How much RAM is in your computer(s) running Garuda?

  • 4 GB
  • 5 - 8 GB
  • 9 -12 GB
  • 13 -16 GB
  • 17 -24 GB
  • 25 -32 GB
  • Greater than 32 GB

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How old are your computers running Garuda?

  • 1- 3 years old
  • 4 - 7 years old
  • 7 - 10 years old
  • Greater than10 years old

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Thank you for your time.


Some options that I would have clicked if available :slight_smile:

"What attracted you to Garuda?"

  • Modern and Attractive shell configurations?
  • Chaotic-aur with ... a ton of packages?
  • Online password/privacy services ( hopefully nextcloud re-available sooner or later? )

Also, idk who else is using Garuda for art production, but I just want to mention that all the tweaks "supposed" for gamers work wonders for content creation as well... at least as far as I go xD may others tell their own visions.

Also² it's fun to make the "average" Garuda user profile, while thinking that it's probable that no one would exactly fill in that description xDD


In Brad Heffernans Twitter-Account :grin:

Our artist @SGS does art production :smiley:


One other option that isn't listed in the "What attracted you to Garuda?" part of the
poll that is extremely important to me is the rolling release aspect. After 6 years of
Fedora (2013-2019) I will never use a fixed release distro ever again .....unless it's an
emergency I guess.


Unfortunately, the forum software only allows altering a polls contents for 5 minutes after a poll has been created.


:slight_smile: well ... if you got to add every reason, the poll list would never finish :slight_smile:

I just wanted to give my feedback, not that you changed the poll !


m*c for gaming and adobe, Garuda for everything else.

More options I would have clicked if available:

  1. NoHang included by default (I used to be plagued with system freezes caused due to low memory conditions)
  2. BTRFS preferred (This is a must on a rolling release system)
  3. Included tools and considerations (The most of any distro I have seen thus far)
  4. Zswap enabled by default (Finally mimicking the behavior of macOS and Windows)

Most (even more advanced users) would not setup stuff like this even if they had the technical ability to. Glad Garuda does it for you!

Oh. 5. Dragonized addition looks like a sweet spin of macOS (The OS I use half the time)