Garuda updated Kernel section in KDE System Settings

I see today Garuda team has updated the Kernel section at the top of the KDE System Settings. :slight_smile:

We now have a LOOOOONG list of what seems to be all TKG available kernels. :slight_smile:
Be patient it takes a while to load up and display.

I don't think we can build our own custom TKG kernel from there (sad), but at least it's a lot easier to select up to date TKG kernels and manage them from there instead of from Pamac.

Go take a look and have fun trying out some! :smiley:


A list of all available kernels was there for a long time...
Go to Garuda Setting Manager -> Kernels -> Refresh

Never was for me. Even a bit before noon my time it was only showing my installed kernels. Then there was an update of some garuda packages not long after and 15mins later when I went there for another purpose, a long list was showing all available kernels.

Maybe there was a fix of a garuda package and that fix affected my list and I didn't know cuz I always has been affected by the bug? Who knows...

By default, it only shows 1 kernel that is running....
but for all available kernels you have to update....and the refresh button in system setting didn't you have to go garuda setting manager...
I have been using this from almost 2 months for installing kernels