Garuda-update currupted pkg?

Yeah I don't know why but the wiki on garuda-update is incomplete. Its a tool developed by garuda linux yet the documentation on it is very sparse. There is a lot more garuda-update can do.

  1. garuda-update remote fix to reset your pacman.conf and refresh the keyrings
  2. garuda-update remote keyring to just refresh your keyring (no pacman.conf reset)
  3. garuda-update remote fullfix to reinstall all the packages in your os
  4. garuda-update -- [pkgName] [flags] after the -- you can pass all the pacman flags like usual. This command will both update the system and download the most recent version of the package you want.

This is just from my experience plus going through the update script if there is more that it can do then only the devs can highlight it.