Garuda + Timeshift = Love

Hey, this is a pretty positive (and eloquent) feedback!

First of all, Garuda is the most stable OS I've ever used, never really crashed in 5 months and never really encountered any OS related problems. I've used systems for way shorter time with a big load of problems. But say it's only luck any of my probs were related to third-party softwares and for being a noobie.

Then it comes Timeshift. I have "tested" like 2 dozen linux distros out there already (out of curiosity of course) and the infamous windows and I haven't seen any other Operating System using a backup tool in a way as easy and marvelous as Garuda does. It's literally out-of-the-box and fool-proof.
I literally didn't like Timeshift before coming to Garuda, I was always like "how does it work again? It doesn't seem very much worth it for my docs". Never ocurred to me it was capable of restoring the system THAT easily, and even boot inside a safe ambient created by a backup, that's really mind-blowing for me!
If any other OS I've passed through do this as well, it was way not clear they had such a feature. Therefore, a useless one for me.

I decided to make a public register of my newbie-impressions on Garuda today because today I tried to run a game that ■■■■■■ up my DE (oh, cool, it's censored xD) and I simply went on to a system snapshot from the grub... and the ■■■■■■■ up was so strong it affected even the timeshift environment so I went way back to 3 of June and recovered the system...
But then I decided 19 of June (aka yeasterday) was enough and recovered the system again without entering on the snapshot and well, obviously, it worked like a charm besides my fears that I had finally managed to break the system.
And it was, once more, mind-blowing how easy it is to do that. I felt like reinstalling the OS without having to actually reinstall it!

On conclusion: Garuda, as it is, is hecka stable, even more having in account it's a rolling distro. And Timeshift integrated like so, it's the cherry-on-top, baby-chair that makes it absolutely fool-proof and the perfect Operating System for any newbie (given that they read how much ram they need before installing xD), even the ones like me that like testing and twisting stuff around without knowing what the heck they are doing xD

For all the devs, my big thank you, my applause and my wishes for the project to go on really long-term
And for the community that is always so helpful, thanks for always helping me out when I don't know how to do basic stuff xD


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