Garuda test drive

I think its time I introduced myself since all I've been doing is annoying most people here <dev & mod team - cough cough>

I use the following systems at work:

Macbook Pro with 2 external screens (Primary System)
Lenovo T450s (windows 10) also with 2 external screens
an iMac 21.5" Late 2013
Ubuntu 20.01 LTS - 3 monitor setup (Secondary system)

Home System: intel i5 4590 - 8GB RAM - 10TB HDD space (Win10, Mate Mint, and now Garuda)

My Windows 10 has become sooooo slow it takes 5 minutes from power on to the desktop. When click to open a major app it takes 30 seconds at least.
I'm so sick of windows to a point where I even tried hackintosh, but thats besides the point.

I've been using linux on and off since Red Hat 2.0. Distro hopping through the years includes Red Hat until V7, mandrake, opensuse 11.1 till 12.3 , Fedora, later moved to debian ,ubuntu, mint and recently MX. All of these were ok but never found anything to settle on.
Then I saw a youtube video about Garuda gaming edition which looked great, and I thought to myself "could this be the one?"; I even signed up for this forum <which I've never done for any other distro>.

Overall this distro is good, GUI is polished as ■■■■■ Many of the problems I've experience in other distros have been solved. (example: drives not mounting, not being able to write to ntfs drives, drive settings not persisting after reboots)
The settings manager is great, I like how the compiz settings are integrated.

Kudos to the dev team.

(that's all for now)


Welcome! Enjoy your time here

Hi! and