Garuda Terminals

I do not like the terminals in Garuda. First I cannot stand neofetch, no problem I uninstalled it. That leaves me basically with terminals (Konsole and Alacrity) with profiles that can't be edited. I like to adjust Appearance. How do I get a Normal KDE Konsole? I think fish is the problem here, but if I remove fish it breaks the distro.

If you use forum search first, you must not delete neofetch.
Neofetch is not a terminal.
Profiles you can edit.
Fish is a shell. Change to bash, zsh ...


Hey Chief Welcome to the forums!

I am able to edit the appearance, in fact I did it. It gets edited the same way as if you were installing barebone KDE or any other KDE distro. I changed colors and font style+size. I have kept fish.

Other than that you can create a new colorscheme too or download one and import it.

Maybe provide more details on where exactly you try to do something that does not do what you expect it to do?


Zsh and Bash store their profile configs in ~/ so you might think you can't configure fish because you dont see the files there.


Will launch the fish browser based configuration editor. The files are stored in ~/.config/fish.


Yakuake is by far my favorite terminal for KDE. It is an awsome drop down terminal. Once you get used to a drop down terminal you will never want to use any other type. Yakuake is tied to KDE's Konsole as far as its configuration goes. So, changes you make to Konsole's configuration will also affect Yakuake.

Give it a try.


Nailed it! I use it everywhere, physical machines, VMs, etc.


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