Garuda sytem sounds (disable error)


I am trying to disable sound effects on work station switcher and when i snap a window to the side. I have tried to disable one of them but all i get is an error (workspace switcher).

I don't believe MATE has built-in sound effects when you snap windows etc.

Can you provide more details about your setup and what you have configured?


I did not configure anything, it was setup out of the box. I have issues in the gui settings menu and other locations where you can change a configuration. Is it soemthing to do with running KDE apps?

It is not clear what your problem is.

Try to solve your problems one by one.
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@SGS I think we need a disclaimer in the forum guide:

We cannot read minds, or see through network cables!


In the meantime, we can use this :smiley:


If it's read at all, perhaps?


To be fair :slight_smile:
When I switched from M$ to Linux I didn't know what to read first. :crazy_face: :slight_smile: :wink:

But you have to learn that you are your own system administrator.

Not like with M$ where after minutes of searching the help function appears:
"Ask the sysadmin or a good friend. "