Garuda sway clean install tweaks

just did a clean install of garuda sway and there were a few config tweaks needed from the defaults.

  1. on this 1280x800 display the wofi launcher showed up off center (off to the bottom right, extending off the screen) and the application drawer was larger than the width of the screen.
  • center wofi:
    micro ~/.config/wofi/config
    comment out line 1 and 2, xoffset and yoffset

  • fix nwg-drawer width:
    micro ~/.config/waybar/config
    replace nwg-drawer arguments on line 136 with -c 6 -is 50 -spacing 20

  1. waybar logout button didn't work
  • micro ~/.config/nwg-launchers/nwgbar/bar.json
    replace line 14 with "exec": "swaymsg exit",

On laptop, NetworkManager did not work, Network settings (WiFi) from top bar dos not fit too, missing "Enter or Apply" on 2880x1800 screen.