Garuda Shows Up in Top Ten List for Gaming Distros!

Hi guys! Thought you might like to see this! I'm randomly browsing around the 'net and what do I find? Garuda making the top ten on some random listing of top gaming distros! And to think I'd never even heard of it before I stumbled upon an article on it done by some linux news/info site that popped up in my Google feed on my phone! ........and I've never looked back! You guys have a winner here, and I'm glad to see it's being recognized more and more! Congrats on making the top ten on this no-name list! lol Seriously, though, I've never heard of either, but apparently 2.8 million people per month use it for ranking products and sharing knowledge! So clearly, out of 2.8 million people, they put Garuda in the top ten for gaming distros! I, personally, thank that's pretty fracking cool! :ok_hand: :+1: :muscle: