Garuda Setup Assistant keeps borking my whole system somehow

I’m unable to provide the garudainxi command. Every time I setup my computer (5600, 3060, 16gb ram) I use the Garuda setup assistant. Then, upon reboot, my computer takes forever to show me the login screen, and upon me logging in it sits on a blank screen for 3 minutes until eventually spitting me out into grub instead of my desktop environment. I’ve tried reinstalling the Garuda Dr460nized edition 3 times and even tried Cinnamon to no avail. What can I do from the grub to fix this? I thought I wasn’t going to have this issue this time and went and spent 2 hours configuring my desktop before reboot, and would like to save the changes I made and not start over again. Any help would be much much appreciated. (running Dr460nized)

Hi @turdninja and welcome to the community ! , while the lack of info given i can’t tell whats the problem exactly ,you can share garuda-inxi from the live system even before installing, and please check if secureboot/fastboot are disable .


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