Garuda running smooth on Macbook Pro 11,x

Dear Garudians

Following my personal tradition of spending the Christmas in front of the computer, I decided to do something useful and give a try on a personal project: install Garuda on an old Macbook Pro 11,x.

I followed the steps on the Arch Wiki (MacBookPro11,x - ArchWiki) and had no trouble, so I decided to leave this feedback here to let you know that it does work, in case any one else decides to try.

A few observations:

  • I created a separate linux boot partition instead of trying to boot from the already existing Apple EFI (felt more secure this way and it worked)
  • Wifi worked on the very first boot, then it died when I updated the system, but was easily restored with the known AUR broadcom package (MacBookPro11,x - ArchWiki)
  • The webcam needed a driver also available in the wiki. It's old and outdated but did work perfectly.
  • No problems at all with resolution, keyboard functions, audio, temperature or touchpad (yet). I will keep this topic updated if I find any.

Cheers and stay safe!


Thank you

It is very useful for future reference.


Somebody have time to make a nice wiki :wink: :slight_smile: ?


Hey, actually that would be really nice.


Want wiki access so you can create a page for macbook? :smiley:


I had a problem with the color rendition of my MacbookPro 11.4, very orange looking. Was able to solve it by apply the procedures described here:

I had to download, extract, run some command line instructions and install the resulting files in the described folder. On reboot, camera color rendition was much improved.


Hello @marcsitkin
Thanks for sharing this with us. One question tho:

On reboot, camera color rendition was much improved

So just to make this clear, the orange problem was affecting everything on your display or just the camera?

Only the camera.