Garuda reboot just after launch

I just installed Garuda with dual boot on side of Windows 11, and when i boot Garuda from the OS selection screen it launch correctly, but after 10-20secs, when I'm on the login screen, it goes back to the OS selection screen.

so I can't acces the "garuda-inxi" command....

When, you are on login screen then try to get into tty and the try to login from there


Apart from that, why are you waiting so long to enter the password?
Or do I understand this wrong?

TTY, try all
Ctrl + Alt + F1
Ctrl + Alt + F7
most of the time F2 and F3 work.

There are many Garuda DE’s, which one you try?
Best you post the full ISO file name. But better the garuda-inxi :slight_smile:

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It goes back to Grub? The only way I can think of this happening is if you are rebooting from the login screen (instead of logging in).

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