Garuda Ram go brrrrr

All my computer apps use an excessive amount of ram. Like I know that unused ram is wasted ram but I was playing a terraria on my pc (2d game) and my ram usage was 30/31 gigs and I even got the warning message saying that I should close and save my apps or I'll lose unsaved work. When I looked at my system monitor it said that a 2d game was using 12 gigs of ram which is too high for a simple 2d game to run. My laptop was running Minecraft (8g ram laptop) and actually crashed after using too much ram. All my applications do run faster with more ram, but I feel like the system should know when shut off excessive ram usage when it gets to the point that unsaved apps could be force shut.


inxi -Faz

No help.


Pics or it didn't happen (but not actually pics, just some sort of evidence for what you describe).


Not sure you're looking at your system information correctly? Are you also sure that Terraria is actually taking up 12GB RAM?


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