Garuda Performance issues

Hello here Benchmark Garuda vs ubuntu
Garuda Kernel Stock and Xanmod
Phronix run with gamemoderun and prime-run

Ubuntu 21.0.4 nvidia Perfomance and gamemoderun automatic
If u see that is big difference...

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Firstly, welcome to the forum!

Secondly, what is the specific issue you want help with?


Out of curiosity I wanted to check why I have more fps drops than on ubuntu as you can see on this page the big difference is in frames per second.
Game xcom2

Thanks for the benchmark. I was wondering how Garuda compares to other distros in terms of gaming performance. It seems that result is not great, and I am wondering why. Maybe btrfs is involved here, as it's clearly slower than ext4 in most benchmarks that I saw. Or some other tweaks are actually ruining the performance instead of enhancing it... We clearly need more testing to be sure, though.

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For your kind info more fps isn't the goal at all

What our goal is it's the responsiveness

While doing multitasking and intensive load


Hmm then why is this distribution called gaming edition?
I like this distro but here we are not talking about a difference of a few frames per second but a difference of up to 80 fps.

Sounds to me if things are that drastically wrong, you've not configured your system properly. :man_shrugging:


How does one know if a linux system is configured correctly? Where may I read and educate myself about this?! (Its probably in the Arch wiki but Im still fresh in how it all makes sense haha)

I mean, he is clearly using Garuda Gaming edition, not multimedia edition. And I'm afraid that something is messed up here...

its due to hybrid graphics
did he use prime-run
to launch games
if not he is using amd integrated graphics

ubuntu uses nvidia prime
while we use nvidia prime render offload


Performance is subjective. If throughput (high fps in your example) is really what you want then go for it and optimize purely for throughput. You'll find that when configuring a lot of things you'll sacrifice latency or responsiveness for it.

In my opinion for online games especially, what you should aim for is "just enough" throughput, and optimize for lowest latency and highest responsiveness. Throughput amount needed will depend on the game (rendering/netcode/etc), usb polling, monitor refresh rate, network adapter, basically all your hardware and how it's configured. You don't want too low throughput for obvious reasons and you don't want excessively high throughput if it provides little to no benefit at the expense of extra interrupts, buffering, added layers of processing or other overhead, unneeded bottlenecking causing input or network packets to wait, which would hurt latency or responsiveness badly.

But anyways as tbg and librewish mentioned, you most likely have something misconfigured. Garuda, Ubuntu, PopOS, were very close in performance in the games I tested ~2 months ago.


gamemoderun prime-run phoronix-test-suite benchmark xonotic
i use that in terminal fish
Here Integrated graphics

If I am doing something wrong, please tell me how to run this test.

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Please see min FPS, comparing dedicated vs integrated graphics card, it can not be that the built-in card is better than the dedicated, something is wrong, just how to check or fix it?

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Hi fedora 33 is the same, so it's not the fault of this distribution, but rather a problem with arch?

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Lol if you do not have specific to say / help why do you write, I just wrote that I have the same performance on fedora 33 and you're already starting to threaten some ban, and back to the topic is probably know what is the reason for the lower results on arch similar distributions, it's rather about prime profile control which is not available by default after the installation of drivers, and similar results I get on Ubuntu with a profile on demand, only after changing the performance results are better, only I have no idea how to do it in Garuda because there is no prime-profile.

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I don't mean to repeat what tbg perfectly said already, but there is probably a reason why no one replied at that point. Out of respect for people's time it's better to attempt to address the reason(s) instead of an empty bump which is considered impolite, especially since last post in the thread was yours.

When you only post benchmarks, point out a problem and not mention anything you did in attempt to fix it or any basic checks, it gives the impression that you didn't bother to troubleshoot. The only useful info you've provided since creating the thread is that you ran Phoronix benchmark with gamemoderun and prime-run, which was already stated in the first post. Next 3 posts say nothing but repeat "big difference in fps between Garuda/Ubuntu" in each post, and ask why it's called 'Gaming' edition. Also, not providing basic or typical info expected from you in this kind of support thread shows lack of research and reading forums. If you leave too much unknown, nobody would want to guess and assume, or ask for info from someone who seemed unappreciative of their time and demanded help. It might not have been your intention and you were just responding, but that's how it looks like. More people are inclined to help when you show initiative. Some might help anyways when they can; nevertheless it's important to be mindful of the work and time Garuda Team puts in what they provide for free, so paying respect is the least we could do, especially when requesting help. :slight_smile:

I'll try to give some tips I hope could help. Keep in mind I'm a beginner and these are my opinions/what I would do if I was in your situation:

  • issue seems related to dual graphics but not necessarily "prime profile"
  • I'd read some material on the topic, for example:
    PRIME - ArchWiki
    NVIDIA Optimus - ArchWiki
    ChapterĀ 34.Ā PRIME Render Offload
  • there are multiple ways to run and manage dual graphics, find out what Garuda/Arch is going for and how it works for AMD APU + Nvidia dGPU
  • I wouldn't "mix and match" between those ways as that will lead to incompatibilities/other issues.
  • could a BIOS option be interfering?
  • some configurations require certain drivers to be in use, confirm they are and no additional drivers are causing issues, make sure required drivers are up to date and reboot after driver install/update
  • use nvidia-smi or a monitoring/logging tool to see how your card is utilized while running something
  • cat /usr/bin/prime-run to see what the script does
  • prime-run glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"
  • try prime-run benchmark without gamemoderun
  • search forums, and put in search engine something like allintext:arch prime offload amd nvidia or quote keywords when you want only the pages that contain them
  • you can even search arch + prime + your particular laptop model or similar ones, you'll most likely find people with your setup who got Prime to work how you want it to
  • if you request assistance, post all results, troubleshooting, and inxi -Fxxxza