Garuda on System76

Getting a System76 Oryx Pro here soon. Would love to put Garuda on it, as it's my preferred distro right now. But seen a lot of issues concerning NVIDIA drivers. Mine will have a 8 GB GeForce RTX 4060 with 3072 CUDA Cores. Has anyone got Garuda on such hardware working well?
Thanks for any info!

I have a RTX 2060 and there may be occasional issues but it's really not that bad.

If drivers really break, re-installing the drivers with this script generally fixes it

I personally haven't had issues when drivers are running.

I haven't had a System76 laptop myself, but I have two ASUS laptops with nVidia GPUs and all Arch based distros that I've tried have similar issues installing on them, but once I figured out the steps to resolve the problems, I've had none since.
If you find it isn't working, just go to my thread about Garuda on ASUS laptops and try the same steps I suggest there. I'm 90% sure the same steps will work on any laptop with an integrated GPU and an nVidia discrete GPU.

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This one! :grinning:

That is a great little writeup, thanks for doing that! Getting through the installation with an Nvidia card is a common pain point we hear about in the forum, so those tips are very useful.

The only thing I would add for consideration is that using Optimus Manager is generally advised against because it can have undesirable behavior. Here is the “official” recommendation for switching between iGPU and dGPU:

Switching between integrated and dedicated graphics | Garuda Linux wiki

The article describes these disadvantages associated with Optimus Manager:

Common misconceptions and antipatterns

Quite often, software such as “optimus-manager” or “optimus-switch” is used instead of PRIME. Although they feature “hybrid mode”, they also feature modes that exclusively switch to the dedicated or iGPU. Using these modes is an usually not recommended, because

  1. If your NVIDIA driver ever fails to load, your system will be unable to enter a graphical session
  2. In NVIDIA mode, the dedicated GPU is always used and therefore always turned on even if no software that could properly take advantage of it is running. The iGPU is much better suited for running low power common desktop applications.
  3. Switching modes requires logging out and logging back in or otherwise restarting X11. Meanwhile PRIME can be used without restarting X11.

@cavaughan my guess is Garuda will work just fine on the new laptop, but there is only one way to find out for sure! If you have any problems during the installation, go ahead and open a new thread so we can take a look.

Thanks BluishHumility.
I agree with your statements re Prime. I use my laptop as a vaguely portable desktop, so I find I get best compatibility with permanent nVidia (and Prime caused all kinds of problems with my external monitor plugged directly into the nVidia GPU), and battery life isn't a concern. But yeah generally Prime makes more sense. I think anyone just using a laptop's internal display would have far more luck with Prime than I did.

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Turns out there's an entire Arch wiki on it: System76 Oryx Pro - ArchWiki


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