Garuda on DistroTube


I literally just saw the thumbnail at my subscription box and came running to see if anyone posted it here yet. Not disappointed.


Just a word of caution, don't do what DT did in that video. Do not run sudo pacman -Syu and then choose no when asked to update. This just refreshes the local package database, and is the same as running sudo pacman -Sy. You shouldn't do that and not update immediately afterwards, as installing a package may create a partial update situation, which can be anything from a minor annoyance to major system breakage.

If you want to check for updates, without updating, use checkupdates from pacman-contrib.


Yes, I watched that review. Stunningly high praise from a well respected and trusted source of Linux info.

Most beautiful Linux distro ever, pretty hard to top that.



What if I re-ran sudo pacman -Syu? Wouldn't that be ok?

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I would say that if is the next thing you do with pacman, you will be fine. the POSSIBLE trouble is in installing something while the sync status is not in tune with the 'actual' condition of your packages (the sync'ing is done, but the updates didn't happen)


Yes, @freebird54 is correct, that would fix it. As long as you update immediately after refreshing the local database, there is no risk. Basically, if you run pacman -Sy (or answer no to cancel an update, which does the same thing), do not install anything until you run pacman -Syu, and you will be fine.

The way to get into a partial update mess is to run pacman -Sy and then start installing stuff, because then you're installing new software on an outdated system.


Now, the world will know who is @dr460nf1r3. :heart_eyes: