Garuda on android cellphone

Hi all,
I have an LG S64 alpha cellphone, with 3GB RAM and 32 GB HDD. How should I install Garuda, preferably KDE, on it? (I want to do away with Android.)
Many thanks in advance.

Is it really possible?

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You have a phone with spinning rust? :thinking:

You are probably thinking of something else.

Manjaro ARM has been working on a phone build, although at this stage it is very experimental (like still working on getting phone calls to work) and not too many devices are supported besides the Pinephone.

Ubuntu Touch is the most "finished" Linux phone OS so far, but your device is not supported. You would have to make a custom port for it.

PostmarketOS has probably the most supported devices, but again I do not see yours. :man_shrugging:

Depending on your motivation for getting rid of Android, maybe you could check out LineageOS. It's based on Android, but it's probably the closest you are going to get with that device.


Short answer, there's no way to do this. Garuda is a desktop operating system and supports only the x86_64 platform.


Lol, even if your phone has an x86 processor (Intel used to have a mobile atom processor for phones a decade ago or so), that specs are weak for garuda.

Garuda demands 4GB RAM, don't even attempt to do otherwise as the installer iso itself will prevent you from installing it.

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hi. Thanks so much for the reply. what is meant by "spinning rust"?

Thanks for the reply. Ok 4GM RAM!! I do intent to get a nokia with 6 GB RAM (and 128GB SDD). Hope the OS would install then. (Oh yes, then the CPU?)

Means a old/new mechanical hard drives
off which your phone will not have a hdd

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Read again.

So, never. :slight_smile:


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