Garuda LXQT live ISO won't boot

Hello, I am trying to install Garuda on an HP laptop I got in September but once I select to boot (either Proprietary of Free drivers) nothing happens, I just get a black screen. The CPU is AMD with iGPU and 4 GBs of RAM. I had Garuda KDE before on it but my sister didn't update for some months and once I updated the system wouldn't boot anymore.
I am trying to install Garuda LXQT and I have burned the Garuda ISO twice, I used the same USB today to try out Clear Linux on it and it installed just fine so I don't think it's a USB issue.

Any kind of help would be appreciated, thanks. :smiley:

I have the same problem. Other environment desktop already booted up. LXQT-KWIN 210928.iso won't boot up. I already tried many times.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Please open a new topic in LXQt area.