Garuda loading screen

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So after quite an arduous install process, I got Garuda dr460nized KDE installed. I have gone with dual booting (I am aware that garuda does not give support for this). When selecting Garuda in the boot menu, everything seems to start up normally up until the load screen. Prior the load screen there were no error message pop-ups. My laptop seems to be stuck on the Garuda loading screen and the dotted circle keeps spinning perpetually. I can't find any issues regarding this matter. I am running a Dell XPS 9570.

Many thanks!

Edit: I am completely new to Garuda in addition to installing any Linux distros; however, I am fairly tech adept. Help would be much appreciated!

Hi leodut & welcome.

Why don't you reboot as normal, and when you see the Garuda boot image (with the circular time clock), hit your F1 key. This should switch you to a black terminal boot screen with rolling text. You'll be able to troubleshoot at your stall point.

If you see about 4-5 lines of text only relative to boot error - "your on you're own" or something similar, you either have a corrupted live image or your live image is finnicky with the type of USB dongle you're using. Usually, redownloading the Garuda image, verifying the checksum and reburning does the trick. Then just reinstall as your originally did.


Lol. I feel like the biggest tool. I tried a different Linux distro and kind of got the same issue. I then saw that SATA needs to be set AHCI, and not RAID. After doing this, Linux finally installed and booted.up. Yes, all point your fingers and laugh :joy:. Lesson learned. I'll try boot up Garuda again and give an update. (In all honesty almost all the guides I read/watched never mentioned anything about storage interface. I guess it must be painfully common knowledge)


It's a common issue but still one of those hidden "gotchas" - noone will laugh at you for that. :smile:


That, and (typically) ensuring Secure Boot is set to OFF. And, as @jonathon stated, no one will make light of you. In fact, it is such an old fix that it has almost passed beyond the realm of "common knowledge" in Linuxlandia. So old, most of us would not catch it; you did, bravo! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Garuda Linux! :smiley:



Garuda is installed and running! I can say that with ALL the correct information and prerequisites, the installation is actually quite straightforward. Unfortunately, I am yet to find a thorough enough guide for absolute newbies who want to dip their toes into the Linux world. Would it be appropriate if I put together a sort of guide based on my experience? Again, many thanks!

You are free to blog all you want.

There are way, way too many "What is Linux" guides, books, videos, and manuals as it is. Try Linux for Dummies if you want a broad starter guide. Or go read the Arch Wiki if Dummies is too dumb for you.

It's not new; just new to you.