Garuda Linux Windows Installer

Hello, I am currently helping a Twitch streamer install Q4OS on her low spec laptop only because it has a Windows installer and she didn't have a USB to install Garuda on it. So as a request, is there any possibility a feature like that could be done for Garuda as well?

Option 1: someone spends many hours, which have a time-cost value, writing some new software.
Option 2: someone spends $5 on a USB flash drive that has many uses.

So, is there any possibility? Yes. Is it a sensible option? Not really.


you can, theoretically, create a partition and place Garuda image here. Also, how low-spec is this laptop?

Minimum requirements

  • 30 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64-bit System

It's an 2300U, 8 GBs laptop from what I recall. We tried installing Q4OS but the WiFi didn't work so we just gave up unfortunately.

Well, you clearly don't know what means "lower-end", lol :wink:
Anyways, here is a guide, probably second option is your best bet. But you can explore other ways too. For example, using an SD card, a CD, a phone, detaching your hard drive and installing Garuda on other machine with your stick, if you have one.


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