Garuda Linux KDE Dragonized LTS 24-04-15 | dr460nized-linux-lts-240415

Feedback, please.


unable to download, keep getting network error halfway through it. tried different browsers as well. Tried with a VPN as well.

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Second time we have this problem, it was self fixed and come back. Network error after 76% :frowning:

So try

These files are automatically removed after some time!

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Could we please get a new link :slight_smile:

Did you delete this one from 240328?
Did you try the one from the first post?

It works today.

Tested 4-21 iso and had to give up on it. Network (wifi) on two different Dell laptops are non-existent. Will wait for the next release.

Open help request and post your garuda-inxi.