Garuda Linux is the Answer to my Linux Curiosity

Thank you Garuda Linux team for finally making a distribution that feels as good as it is to use and is interesting and making me want to learn more about Linux.

On and off for many years I have dabbled and ran live CDs of distro after distro. I couldn't ever find the guts to actually install a system. My stupid brain could not wrap itself around how Linux works and what to do. And unfortunately for an idiot like me I need some help.

I read and I try and read and I try. I wanted to build a gaming pc for emulation. I found Garuda and I thought ok Ill emulate using this, and thats it. Noooooope.

The community is great, I want to learn more, I want to get better at Linux and I want to convert over fulltime to running a Linux machine.

Just wanted to share with you that your distribution is making me want to learn more and experiment and embrace Linux and be proud to run a Linux box.

Thank you guys. Keep up the good work.


Good luck with it :slight_smile: and try the game version



Now that's the kind of feedback we love to hear. That is our primary goal at Garuda, to encourage users to empower themselves to be the master of their own system (not a slave to it).

Welcome to Garuda.


Yes I tried, Multimedia version, then game version, now just Dr460nized. I couldn't figure out how to get samba sharing to work on the game version. So I tried the Dr460nized version and am just installing the games from the Garuda Gamer.

I have to say that its really really helpful for Newbies to have something to point and click at. I also read about samba on the Arch Linux wiki and got it to work. But I ended up breaking something else while I was trying.

So I torched the hard drive and started again.


Thank you. Coming from windows and mac in my daily life. I got sick and tired of having to deal with those computers.

This Linux is amazing. I can change anything I want, and do what I want. The bad part is, I don't know what anything means. There are so many new words and things to learn.

Do you guys have like a dictionary or something? Its a whole new language. LOLOL

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Nope, but the Archwiki and a quick search online should turn up most everything you're looking for fairly quickly. :+1:


Oh yes. The search engine is going to be my best friend.


Nice. Thats exactly the right attitude to learn stuff nicely. If there is still no solution is perfectly fine to ask here if its Garuda related :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, as a good start to learn "the language" of Linux is, it explains all the important commands quite well and its not too complicated imo :slight_smile:


Archwiki is awesome, most comprehensive wiki of the Linux world.


I am rediscovering Linux through your joy and wonder. It's been awhile, but I remember standing exactly where you are right now. Thank you!


The Pacman Rosetta comes close.

Here's another link so you don't bore us: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

And here's what not to be: Help Vampires: A Spotter’s Guide


You guys are so great! This is good stuff. Thank you for not treating me like some kid brother who shows up to the party late. :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Thank you. I look forward to exploring and sharing with you guys.

Next :slight_smile:

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You can do

We are nice to nice people.

Have fun learning.

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